Shroom Edibles Psilocybin Bar – Dark Chocolate 6g


Uncover the depths of flavor with our Dark Chocolate Flavored Shroom Chocolate Bar. Ideal for lovers of rich, intense chocolate and explorers of inner realms, this bar combines the boldness of dark chocolate with the mystical qualities of mushrooms, offering a profound journey in every square.

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Explore the Deep Richness of Our Dark Chocolate Flavored Shroom Chocolate Bar

Indulge in the intense, captivating flavors of our Dark Chocolate Flavored Shroom Chocolate Bar, perfectly crafted for those in Canada who seek depth in both taste and experience. This premium chocolate bar melds the robust, antioxidant-rich dark chocolate with the transformative potential of mushrooms, creating an edible that not only pleases the palate but also enhances well-being. Each bar contains a precise 6 grams of mushrooms, evenly divided into 18 pieces, allowing you to control your experience. Opt for three pieces for a subtle uplifting effect, six for a balanced journey, nine for a deep, introspective exploration, or twelve for an epic adventure. It is advised to wait 90 minutes to experience the full effects, providing a smooth transition into your desired state.

Buy Shroom Chocolates Online

Enhance your journey with the convenience and safety of purchasing our Dark Chocolate Flavored Shroom Chocolate Bar online. Available directly from our website or through our network of trusted local authorized dispensaries, buying online ensures you receive a genuine, high-quality product delivered right to your door. Embrace the ease and reliability of online ordering to begin your exploration of the rich, dark depths of our exquisite chocolate.

Usage Instructions for S’mores Flavored Shroom Chocolate Bar:

  • Total Dose: 6 grams of mushrooms, divided into 18 pieces.
  • Mild Effect: Consume 3 pieces.
  • Standard Effects: Consume 6 pieces.
  • Strong Trip: Consume 9 pieces.
  • Heroic Journey: Consume 12 pieces.
  • Onset Time: Wait 90 minutes to feel the full effect.
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