Shroom Edibles Psilocybin Bar – White Chocolate 6g


Embark on a journey of sublime elegance with our White Chocolate Flavored Shroom Chocolate Bar. Ideal for connoisseurs of fine flavors and seekers of serenity, this bar wraps the mild, soothing tones of luxurious white chocolate around the intriguing depth of mushrooms, creating an enchanting escape with every bite.

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Earn 65 Shroom Cash!
<h2>Delve into the Luxurious Harmony of Sweetness with Our White Chocolate Flavored Shroom Chocolate Bar</h2> Treat yourself to the silky, rich layers of our White Chocolate Flavored Shroom Chocolate Bar, exquisitely designed for those in Canada who appreciate the finer things in life. This sophisticated edible seamlessly blends the delicate sweetness of premium white chocolate with the profound natural benefits of mushrooms, providing a uniquely uplifting experience. With a careful dosage of 6 grams of top-tier mushrooms divided into 18 manageable pieces, you can personalize your adventure. Start with three pieces to gently ease into a state of calm, six for a more profound sense of balance, or nine to delve deeper into your spiritual journey. Adventurers seeking the pinnacle of experiences can embark with twelve pieces. Remember to give yourself 90 minutes to fully embrace the effects, ensuring a smooth and fulfilling journey. <h2>Buy Shroom Chocolates Online</h2> Secure your White Chocolate Flavored Shroom Chocolate Bar through our online store or select from our trusted local authorized dispensaries. Buying online is the safest method to ensure you receive an authentic, quality-assured product right to your doorstep. Experience the convenience and security of online shopping and prepare for an exquisite, transformative exploration with our white chocolate delight.

Usage Instructions for White Chocolate Flavored Shroom Chocolate Bar:

  • Total Dose: 6 grams of mushrooms, divided into 18 pieces.
  • Mild Effect: Consume 3 pieces.
  • Standard Effects: Consume 6 pieces.
  • Strong Trip: Consume 9 pieces.
  • Heroic Journey: Consume 12 pieces.
  • Onset Time: Wait 90 minutes to feel the full effect.
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