Shrooms For Festivals

One of the best times of your life may definitely be spent at a festival, getting lost in the sounds of your favorite band. During a psychedelic trip, music has a profoundly transformational influence on you. The melodies and lyrics go beyond simple catchiness and speak to your soul.

However, there are things to watch out for that’s and taking shrooms at a festival isn’t suitable for everyone. Let’s take a look at what you can encounter when taking shrooms at a festival.

Tripping For the First Time At a Festival

If you have never taken psychedelics before, it’s not recommended to use shrooms for the first time at a festival. We know that you can decide how to live your life but keep in mind that psychedelics can sometimes be overwhelming, especially if you’re a complete beginner.

After taking shrooms, you will go on an approximately six-hour trip that cannot be stopped. Therefore, it’s essential to exert as much control over your surroundings as you can and surround yourself with people you can trust to look out for your well-being.

To help make sure the trip is safe and enjoyable, think to consider hiring a sober tripsitter, someone who is familiar with the experience but has chosen not to partake this time. Once you’ve personally experienced a magic mushroom trip, you may determine whether or not you want to go on trips to busy, energetic locations like festivals.

How Does a Shroom Trip Feel Like

To better understand how you may feel while tripping on a festival let’s explore the effects of shrooms.

After taking a dose of magic mushrooms, your only initial adverse effect can be mild nausea. Luckily, if you’re consuming edibles like shroom chocolates this nausea feeling can be masked. Ginger is also a good thing to keep on hand in case you have any stomach problems. You can simply take a piece of ginger and stuff it into your pockets or a backpack that you’re carrying on a festival.

Shrooms For Festivals

Just when you might believe you’re not feeling anything, around 30 to 60 minutes later, you’ll start to notice a change. By now, the psilocybin in the mushrooms has been broken down by your body into psilocin, which attaches to serotonin receptors in your brain. The neurotransmitters that normally control the amount of sensory data that reaches your consciousness are momentarily lifted by this process.

While vivid, bright colors and groovy music seem fun and interesting, the shroom trip goes beyond what you hear and see.  Your inner self as well as the outside world seem to expand in the way you think. You develop more self-awareness and get new perspectives on your relationships and life. For some, these feelings can make it easier to connect with other people at the Festival, especially those who are on psychedelics as well.

Though all of this sounds fascinating, it’s important to be ready for a trip with mushrooms and to avoid trying them for the first time during an event. It’s important to understand that while psychedelic experiences can be breathtaking, they can also be upsetting or emotionally exhausting. You will have little control over your hallucinations and thoughts.

Preparing For a Trip At a Festival

To be honest, the best way to prepare for a festival trip is to have prior experience with psychedelics This familiarity aids in your anticipation of what to expect and if the loud music, bright lights, and throng of people at a concert will make you feel overwhelmed or excited.

Furthermore, it’s a good idea to bring a sober tripsitter, even if you’re experienced in tripping. Pick a companion who can manage the sensory overload and who is prepared to help you if necessary, even if it means driving you home after the party has ended.

Another thing to keep in mind is how you can prepare your dose. Magic mushrooms are chewy and dry, making them difficult to swallow without water. If you want to avoid waiting in line forever just to get a drink, shroom chocolates might be a great option for your future trip to the festival. It’s convenient and easy to use, simply break a piece out of a bar and enjoy. However, try to not get carried on by the taste, the last thing you want is to take more than you intended at such a crowded place.

How Much Shrooms Should You Take at an Event?

Determining the appropriate amount of psilocybin to consume depends on the desired outcome. Thinking back on previous trips, which kind of journey do you prefer—more or less intense? Are you looking for a full-fledged psychedelic experience or just enhanced sensory perception? Choosing the right dosage for a festival trip may be made easier with the help of the following dosage guide, precisely tailored for our psilocybin bars.

  • Mild Effect: 3 pieces of shroom chocolate.
  • Standard Effects: 6 pieces of shroom chocolate.
  • Strong Trip: 9 pieces of shroom chocolate.

People who want to experience a heroic trip should consume at least 12 pieces. However, this dose is not suitable for events like festivals. Instead, it should be left for more peaceful settings suitable for profound introspection and exploration of your inner self.

Shrooms For Festivals

Final Word

While tripping at a festival may seem fun, it’s not the best spot for your first trip. Hopefully, we cleared all the misconceptions and now you can go and enjoy the next festival with enhanced mood and visuals. Make sure to surround yourself with people you know and trust, it will make the trip much safer and more present.

The last thing on this list is a convenient way to enjoy shrooms at such an event. Browse our store and enjoy the best shroom edibles on the market. Have fun, stay safe, and enjoy the festival vibes!

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